The Fear Of the Night

I hate the night and the peace it tries to steal away,
I sleep so much better after the break of day.

I do not like the fear I feel in my racing heart,
Every time I see signs of a seizure start.

I just want them to go away and never come back,
Never to be remembered or get him offtrack.

These seizures you see they take him away,
They nibble at my little boy day by day.

You may not see it through his big blue eyes,
You might have missed it when part of him died.

Maybe you don’t know the terror I feel,
Watching him and praying for God to be near.

Maybe you don’t know the heartache,
Of just simply praying he will wake. 

Maybe you do know the love for a child,
How epilepsy can make your mind run wild.

Maybe you have seen a little of your blessing slip away,
That night in your memory the seizure monster did stay.

If you know the horror of watching your blessing in a seizure,
You know all too well there is never a moment of true leisure.

It stays in your mind hiding behind your smile,
The fear that the Epilepsy will become motile.

For now prayer is what holds it together,
Appreciating each day regardless of the weather.
For now we cherish each day and all of the light,
We pray reality doesn’t come to the fear of the night….
~Denise Marsh


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