Brett had his EEG…

Brett went this morning for his EEG… and now the wait begins. I cannot stand the wait. It is gut wrenching to know in my heart that things change so quickly. I have known, watched him seize and videoed many, many nights. Yes it will be different to hear the Dr. say… It’s always different when someone confirms your fears. What am I supposed to think? Will the diagnosis give reasons for the anger outburst, the irrational fears? Will it give answers for Brett wetting himself in day and night time? Will it give us hope or more devastation? Will it give me answers for Brynnon or questions for the other children? Why is this happening to us? Why does Epilepsy have to be happening in my little boys and have it ever touched our older children? Will it ever touch our littlest one. Is it genetic? Is it the same as Brynnon? Please Abba Father makes these answers come quickly…. I don’t think I can handle much more…. 

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