Surgery countdown, Moving and back to Peace!

WINNERS!! $5 Math Challenge!!

Here we go… Surgery is in 10 days, next Thursday for Brynnon’s implant. We should be able to leave the hospital that afternoon after the approximate 2 hour surgery. His will be on when we leave the hospital, which is relatively new as I understand it they have been doing it this way at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans for about 6 months. With the Zonegran back on board and increase to 400 MG he has returned to his “normal Baseline” of 4 seizures a week lasting over 30 seconds. We will be moving as well, planning to sleep in our rental soundly when we get home from the surgery. We are greatly looking forward to going home where we can have PEACE again. Recharge after the last 4+ years, which have been terribly hard on us as a family.

Brynn and Brett with Pop Ollie in MS

The children and I will be returning and my Husband will stay here for now. Trying to make it the least stressful as possible for Brynnon. Hard to do when he loves the neighbors here so very much. Going to be leaving the two oldest children (22 & 20) here as well, that just makes things harder on us all. I know that in the long run it will all work out and this move will bring the needed changes our family desperately needs. So, home we will go… back to the peace and quiet that we loved so much. Back to nature and back to good God believing and fearing people. People call Pearl River County Mississippi God’s Country and Holy Land USA. The reason is the remarkable peace that you feel there, it‘s like no other. We have been in many places and that is the only place that ever felt like home. I will update when I can, will be back and forth over the next week or so… and looking forward to going HOME when the surgery is done. The next ten days will be intense… Packing, Moving things, surgery, moving more. We will be having some fun and visiting family for a few days too though! Prayerfully the nest time I post, it will be from the Mississippi woods… Ahhh, I can almost feel the peace just thinking about it! 🙂

Brett and Abigail