I realize after looking at hundreds of EEG images that only a doctor can tell me what Brynnon’s EEG means. Brett has had a few more questionable episodes in the last two nights. No use bringing him to the Doctor as it’s not tonic clonic, but absence or some kind of simple partial seizures if it is anything with him… Keeping my cell phone and camera handy to record so the Dr. can actually see, instead of just me telling what I am seeing in him. Brynn seems to be doing okay, nothing more than myoclonic activity and groaning while sleeping. Hope to get a pulse oximeter soon to check his oxygen levels at night. Looking to get one that has the option to strap to the wrist at night, an alarm for levels that fall under normal levels and software that would enable me to download a nights activity would be great too. Believe it or not, they actually have these! So, I will be on the look out for the best deal, I have a few in mind so far… Had a relatively good home school week… Of course it was a “easy” week as Brynn and Brett fondly call it! Back to serious business next week, Abba Father willing! 

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