A nice peaceful sleep without worry that my little boys may have a severe seizure while sleeping and not wake up… while your at it, how about some assurance that this is not some rare genetic thing that my Brett has too? Yeah, I know big request… How about a device that will sound off before any kind of seizure? Unlikely, I know… Worse part about it all is there are so many parents enduring the same trials. Some so much worse… I just don’t know how to do this one yet. I have overcame so many trials… but this one seems to be taking everything out of me. Maybe it’s the fibro, but I feel like I could sleep all day… I just cannot seem to sleep at night… I have done tons of research… all of which has really not helped much but sure does raise more questions! I will be ordering the pulse oximeter, perhaps this will help and give more peace of mind with Brynn while I figure out what’s going on with Brett… Oct. 8th can’t get here fast enough for Brynnon’s neuropsychologist report… Oct. 18th can’t get here fast enough for Brynn’s Neurologist to explain his 24 hour EEG findings. If all else fails New Orleans on Nov. 1st may have answers… otherwise we will go out of state for answers! I have a feeling we will have to redo the neuropsych testing again, as he has certainly regressed further since his Aug. 25th major seizure…  

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