~All wired up and Awake EEG~

 Brynnon is at the Hospital doing the EEG. I stayed with him until 9PM, then Daddy came and stayed with him overnight. I really hope they will give a better diagnosis with this extended EEG. Prayerfully, we will have a diagnosis and better understanding of Brynnon’s future by the years end. So here are the pictures of the screen shots I took while he was napping this evening… Next appointment is not until Oct. 6th, with the Neuropsychologist for the results of his testing before the last prolonged seizure. I am not even sure if the results count, as he has regressed further. His regression is severe enough for our neighbor to notice. Of course people that do not spend any time with Brynnon would not be able to see it. People seem to notice when they meet him for the first time if they have a conversation with him. I suppose it may be because he is so big. Speaking of big, his weight has jumped again from 118 on Aug. 25th at the emergency room to 124 yesterday at the hospital.  Brian said he did good last night, at least he had a gentle night! ~Denise


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