A little nervous…

Well… Monday is the big day. Brynnon will go in at 2 PM and stay for his 24 hour EEG test. I am so glad they are doing this test, to see a good picture of what is going on in his brain while medicated. Janice & Brandon witnessed what we all believe was a short seizure in Brett last night. This is not the first time it has happened, but the first time that someone besides myself actually saw what he does while sleeping. I was thinking about it last night, and getting upset thinking again about all those times I talk to so called doctors about Brynnon doing the same thing. I was told they were night terrors. I will ask Dr. Flatt about Brett when we consult with him. I know it would take some time to get an appointment with him. It may be the same thing as Brynn and may be early seizures… Perhaps it is even a clue in Brynnon’s diagnosis? So… Monday & Tuesday at Womans and Children’s for the EEG. Neuropsychologist results on the 6th… Back to Dr. Flatt on the 18th… the Children’s Hospital in N.O. on November 1st for consult at the Epilepsy Center. I am hoping that we will have a diagnosis and better understanding of Brynnon’s brain and what his outcome will look like by the years end… Brett will more than likely have an EEG also, as I am going to request it. Hopefully, if it is the same as Brynnon has, we can possibly at least prevent some loss of cognitive function by early diagnosis and medication?  I just wish I had pushed harder years ago….. ~Denise

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