Brynnon seems to be regressing further in his learning and behavior since that last seizure. Even the neighbor has noticed a decline in his cognitive function. I wish I could just walk into an office and get an accurate diagnosis today, it’s just not that simple. Is it really a decline or do we notice more? Is it due to the seizure or is whatever “it” is the cause of the seizures? So many questions perplex my mind and keep me going from website to website. So many things seem to fit, like Fragile X syndrome… Is it really possible that something has been missed by so many people? How can so many doctors miss something like this? How can a speech pathologist miss whatever “it” is? It really breaks my heart watching helplessly as he seems to have trouble fitting  in, the world just seems to be a confusing place for Brynnon sometimes. He would be happy fixing things, tinkering with motors all day long. He could get lost in a lawn mower… yet he can only read on a 1.6 level with help and guidance. I worry about the other children too, what if it is a genetic?  Maybe I am making a mountain out of a molehill, I really hope this is the case. I want answers and I want them now!

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