Today it was evident that Brynnon indeed did loose some of his former learning with that seizure. His Reading was very Slow and Labored, although it was the same story we read Monday-Wednesday last week and he did great. I didn’t even see the point in stressing him with Spelling so he did his computer work instead and no written work. I wish there was an easy way to switch the part of the brain that seems to slow down after a bad seizure into high gear again. Perhaps it just needs time to heal or get the cells back in order again… It just breaks my heart that he has such a hard time of it. He is 11 years old, barely reading on a 1.6 level and “was” Spelling on a 5th/6th grade level. I cannot stress enough how great the AVKO Sequential Spelling is! I am so thankful that he was blessed with a lot of common sense. It’s funny how people who have not spent any time with him become judges on how smart he is and how he doesn’t have a low IQ… I know they think is bad, lazy, not trying, a boy… whatever. It doesn’t take but a few times to know who you can and cannot talk to about Brynnon’s condition. Of course today was the day Brynnon would ask what grade he is in… Arghhh… Really, today of all days. I had to be honest, especially when he asked what grade his reader was. Middle of 1st Grade… but… You can Spell some 6th grade words, so you must be in 3rd grade!  Looking to get him an additional alarm, a pulse oximeter that can help alert us in the event his oxygen level drops and would keep a record of his oxygen level for the docs too. It’s going to be a long wait now until early October for the results of his testing with the neuropsychologist… and after this seizure and oxygen loss how accurate are the results going to be anyway?
 Emotions are running in overdrive around here… My Fibro is acting up more than usual… Prayerfully this will all settle down quickly… PLEASE!!! As I responded to a friend today… I know it will get better… with a little time, lots of patience and an abundance of faith… All Things Are Possible!!
This too shall pass… Really it will…  RIGHT??? 

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