New Scool Year

  We have had a great start to our new home school year. Brynnon has completed testing with a Neuropsychologist. Unfortunately, it will be early October before we meet with him to get the results and probably mid October before I get the full report in writing. I hope it will be a time for answers as this Dr. specializes in the assessment of AD/HD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Learning Disorders, Brain Injury, Epilepsy and Seizure Disorders, Tourrette’s and Movement Disorders, Developmental Delay, Dementia, and Chronic Pain. Brynnon could easily fit in several of those categories.
  Brynnon is almost recovered from a tonic/clonic seizure this past Thursday morning. My Niece Janice is staying with us and she is sleeping in Brett’s bed.  Brett never wanted to sleep in his bed, when he did, he almost always ended up on the living room sofa before morning anyway. She went to bed and heard Brynnon moving a lot. This is not uncommon for Brynnon with the jerking he does at night. When she listened more intently, she thought he was choking and got up to check on him. She realized he was having a seizure and came to get me. I asked for the time and it was 1:48 AM. I turned him on his side and prayed. I knew he appeared to not be breathing and prayed for him to breath… It was 1:51 AM when I asked my Daughter to call 911 as his lips and chin turned blue. It was 1:50 when he started breathing and stopped jerking. He went into the sleep stage and came out 3-4 times with a blank stare and a few seconds of stiffening and a few jerks each time. Prayerfully this will be the last one… It was very frightening… Every seizure is frightening and as his Mother, just breaks my heart.
  Brett is doing great in his school work so far and he is excited to read new stories and start the AVKO Sequential Spelling that Brynnon has used for the last two years! It’s on to Book 2 for Brynnon and Brett will start Book 1! Brynnon has had a few days off, and will start again on Monday! It’s still HOT HOT HOT in Southern Louisiana! Temps today were approaching 100 and it felt like 105, or so says the news, felt like 110 to me!
 Be blessed until next time,

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