Update… Has it been a year???

Our 6th Blessing Abigail was born early May by emergency C-section. There was not enough fluid for her in my womb, so it was safer to bring her out early! Pregnancy was complicated by Pre-eclampsia and Gestational Diabetes. She weighed 4 pounds 11 oz. Of course this last year has been busy! Abigail will be a year old next month! She now weighs about 17 pounds! Brynnonn’s journey with his medication for Epilepsy has improved in some ways and others worsened. The Epilepsy seems well controlled by the medication, however he still has myoclonic activity while sleeping. The Danny Did Foundation was wonderful, and provided us with a Seizure Monitor free! This made it possible for Brynnon to sleep in his own bed! I spent three months on the sofa bed with Brynnon and Abigail as he was having Grand Mal’s at night while sleeping. Some nights he would not have one and some nights he would have 1-3. Brynnon has a page on my facebook to raise awareness of SUDEP, which without Danny Did we would have not known about. He also wants to raise money for Danny Did to help others get an EMFIT alarm that cannot afford it. His goal is $2,000 by Oct. 19th, the date of his last known Long Grand Mal that sent him the the ER by ambulance. They lost their little Danny to SUDEP at the tender age of 4. They created The Danny Did Foundation to create awareness for SUDEP which doctors do not talk about.


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