It’s Hot, Hot, Hot! We have been so busy this Summer. Eldest Daughter and I were in an auto accident in May just before Abigail’s tubes were put in. Think I am about as healed as I will be for a while, but my fibromyalgia is sure in full swing… Will see a new Doctor on Tuesday… Going through the weaning process with Abigail, have the days without nursing but the nights seem to be  an impossible task at the moment! Brynnon was switched from Trileptal to Depokeen, seems to work better for the myoclonic seizures and he is a lot better in behavior too! I was told the Trileptol should not have caused behavior problems, but boy did it! He was so much more aggressive and emotional, it was hard to see him that way. His learning journey has it;s ups and downs. He is making progress still, just at a very slow pace. We have to go back and reteach so much, that it is literally two steps forward, one step back every few days… Seems he does so much better when taught one subject a day, two at most, otherwise you loose him and nothing sticks. Brett is doing good with his home school, Most days he seems proud to pass Brynn up, but every once in a while I watch him hesitate to move forward. Hopefully we will find our normal soon! I am still looking forward to the appointment at Jeffersom Neurobehavioral Group on August 3… Maybe we will find some answers there… Till next time, be blessed!! ~Denise

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