Expecting our Sixth child

Here we are… Expecting “surprise” our Sixth Child! Whew, at 38 this is sure harder than I expected! We have been through some drama, these past few months. Here is a summery:
Last year I had breast cancer symptoms in Jan, Hubby was laid off in Feb., we moved back to LA in March, had a clear mammogram in April, Positive Pregnancy test in late August, Stressful financial disaster looming all year… I went to the breast surgeon for a followup on the Dec. 21st. She said that since the mammogram was clear & since the symptoms had stopped, that it was fine to wait to followup until after the baby is born. I went to my OB Doc on the 25th and mentioned that I had felt a lump. Back to the breast surgeon Jan. 4th. She could feel the lump (I still think it is a clogged milk duct). She insisted, so I had to have a repeat mammogram and ultrasound. The mammogram and ultrasound do show a mass, but it is unclear as to whether it could a be residual from an infection or a cancerous growth. They decided to re-evaluate it on Feb 2nd, and decide then whether to biopsy or not. I got a call to go back to the OB office Thursday. My Quad test came back showing 1 in 10 for Down Syndrome. They did an ultrasound to check for signs of down syndrome, and said “She” has no signs of DS. The Dr. then realized that somehow the lab had my due date wrong by 6 weeks, which had offset the results. He said it will be a lot less when it comes back correctly calculated. So, if we can just get a clear mammogram/ultrasound all will be well. It has been a stressful and trying time, to say the least! We are all excited about her being a girl, as our oldest child who was our only girl will be 20, followed by the four boys 18, 14, 10 & 5 when she is born. I can see why our Abba Father would give us a baby now, I believe she will bring healing and much joy to our family. We have endured so much the past two years. The death of our first Grandchild, Kaylynn (May her memory always be for a blessing), the layoff, move and gee nothing seems to have gone right! I remember having hard times before, but this is different. I suppose it was easier when our family was smaller and certainly when we had closer family and friends. My extended family has just fallen apart over the 18 years after Momma’s murder. Perhaps, it is this way in all families, but I sure do miss the love & closeness I once felt with them all.
So… Here we go, onward into 2010, with great anticipation for what our Father has in store. Much faith has gotten us this far. We know that when our Father began a good work in us many years ago, He will be faithful to complete it!



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