Took Brynnon to the ER Wednesday, after he started clustering, running high fever and could not recite his ABC’s because he couldn’t remember them. I asked him to recite them to confirm that he had been seizing with little outward signs. They did a chest X-Ray to confirm suspicion of pneumonia, blood test was positive for Mycoplasma. Hmmm, so after Bri got sick a few weeks ago, I got it… then Brynnon, poor little guy… his turned into Pneumonia… Now Janice, Brandon, Brett and Abigail all have “THE COUGH.” I still have it… and from what I have read, it’s gonna be around for a while. Praying that none of us will develop pneumonia, I have just enough for gas money and Brian to eat next week. Brynnon goes Monday morning with Brian to Children’s Hospital in New Orleans for his 3 day Video EEG and MRI. I am nervous about it and am so anxious about what the results will mean. I know he has regressed more with the recent increase in seizures. Thankfully, he can say his ABC’s again… but he is very slowed in speech and has that “lost look” much of the day. I just want all the answers… I want to know what we are dealing with, how to treat it and how to stop regression. Seems like if you can stop seizures then there would be no regression. Once Brynn is done with his testing I will be making Brett’s appointment to set up his EEG. I don’t want his complex partials to turn into generalized tonic clonics. Perhaps if he is medicated earlier we can prevent it from happening. So, onward we go… Praying (and coughing) all the way… OY VEY!!!!! ~Denise


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