Friendly visit with Community Counselor

 Thankful for direction from the Community Counselor at OCDD today. She was very friendly and very helpful. She asked why he was not on Medicaid and I explained that the Social Worker I spoke to said that he qualified by income, but we would have to cancel our private insurance for a year before I could apply for him. When our meeting was over she let me speak to another really nice lady who use to work in the Medicaid Department. Apparently Brynn should qualify for Medicaid under the Family Opportunity Act because he is medically/cognitively disabled. So I will get the application they printed and highlighted for me out tomorrow. We will pay a small fee each month and it will cover all our out of pocket expenses while keeping our private insurance. 🙂 They suggested I contact Families Helping Families for help asking the public school for special education, occupational/Language/Speech Therapy services. Although the Home School Legal Defense Association recommends to use the public school for services as a last resort, I think I am at my last resort. We are just in such a financially strapped condition, especially with the medical testing that he has had to have and will continue to need. The Doctors visit Co-Pays are enough to make my head spin some months! It will be a great help if we can get Medicaid to back up his medical care… I am not sure how long it will take to get word back from OCDD. I hope I have taken the right steps in the right direction at least to help Brynnon become the best he can possibly be… He has had several seizures today. He almost fell out at the Dollar store when we went in for his coloring books, crayons and play dough for his 72 hour VEEG/MRI hospital stay next week. He had some kind of seizure cluster and just when I was thinking he needed to go to the ER I felt his head and realized he had a fever. It has calmed down since I gave him Ibuprofen. Hope he does well tonight, going to give him a Klonopin after he eats his Dinner and again after midnight. Hope this will help stop all seizure activity…. I hate seizures… and now I hate all sickness even more than I did before! Had no idea he would get seizure clusters because he was sick. So thankful for those with Epilepsy in the facebook groups, otherwise I would be a crazy basket case by now and have 911 on speed dial… Just 6 more days and hopefully the VEEG and MRI will give more answers and better treatment to STOP ALL SEIZURES…. ~Denise 


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