Finally got Results…

 Got a call from Brynnon’s Neuro today. He said Brynnon’s MRI appears normal, but that just means that there is no obvious malformation. He says he still believes that Brynnon’s Developmental Problems and Epilepsy are the effects of a malformation and a problem with the wiring in his brain. His EEG was a mess, still very abnormal and of the three complete seizures he had while hooked up two had no outward signs that could be seen and one just had signs in his right arm. He said if I can show him regression we will look into other metabolic or genetic causes, but for now his diagnosis is still Malformation and he considers him to be Refractory. He cautioned me when I said that the new medicine is really stopping the complex partial seizures. He said although we hope that he will continue to respond with the new medication, we cannot let our guard down as children like Brynn tend to “Honeymoon when a new drug is introduced and then loose control again.” I asked him about the Klonopin loosing effect and he said with him being on it for almost 3 months it’s normal to loose control. I told him that Brynnon has had trouble going to sleep over the past few weeks and he said it’s not the new medicine interacting, it’s lost effect. He is not ready to remove it because it may be a crucial part to his recent seizure control, we will talk about removing it later. So he called in a new RX for him to take before bed that will help him sleep as sleep is a crucial part of maintaining seizure control. So we will get that filled tomorrow… I am a little apprehensive about adding yet another prescription to Brynnon’s brain, but I do realize that it is necessary and who knows it may be the key to complete control and prayerfully forward progression in his learning and cognitive function. I will be contacting the public school for speech/language therapy after the New Year. 

So… onward we go… this sure is one bumpy ride and frankly I am not liking much about the trip… except the people in the car, I am so greatly blessed to have them! We will let the windows down and enjoy the cool breeze blowing through our hair a while, knowing that Abba is still in control…     



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