Waiting, Hoping, Praying….

Waiting for the appointment with the Office for Citizens for Developmental Disabilities next Monday… Hopefully they can point us in the right direction for assistance with the Therapy Brynn needs to help him. Would be a great bonus if they could help us get medical assistance for all these test that we cannot afford also… Then the Monday after Thanksgiving is Brynnon’s 3 day Video EEG starting at 9 AM. Brian will have to take that trip and stay with him the whole time. There are  too many of us to be able to stay somewhere, even with family. Cannot afford to stay in a motel… and they will not let anyone under 18 stay overnight. So me going with Abigail and Brynnon is a no go… His Mom has kindly offered to go to the Hospital as well to stay if needed or come and go if Brian needs. That’s one thing I can say for her, bless her heart. She was the only person who went to Children’s Hospital when Brian II was 8 months old and was admitted for a few weeks when he could not hold down any food. That was so sweet of her to offer and I am sure that Brian will appreciate it too… They will do the MRI before he is discharged the night of the 3rd day or the 4th morning. Hopefully they will capture all of Brynn’s Seizure types so they can see what goes on in his brain while he is seizing. I assume like the 24 hour Video EEG he will remain medicated… Prayerfully within a week of him getting all these test completed we will have most if not all of the answers. What part of his brain the seizure activity starts in and can it be fixed with surgery… Can they see Cerebral Cortex Malformation… What can they do about it… and what does his future look like? Brynnon is doing so good seizure wise at the moment. I don’t know what is going on inside his brain, but that Klonopin sure has helped to stop most of the twitching and seizing… So on we go… Hoping that the seizure monster is going to stay away from our Brynnon. Praying that Brynnon can now move forward and learn how to read… that those connections in his memory will improve… progress, we want to see forward motion progress… I guess that is what we all want, all us humans… I found that people have a hard time figuring out what it means when I say Cognitive Disorder, so I did more research… Cognitive disorders affect mental processes such as the ability to learn, remember, perceive and solve problems. At it’s basic level the cognitive function is information processing and can be split into three categories; Delirium, Dementia and Amnesia. Cognitive functions originate in the part of the brain called the cerebrum. The cerebrum–also known as the cerebral cortex–takes up the majority of the brain’s mass. It’s made up of four different areas, or lobes: the frontal lobe, the temporal lobe, the parietal lobe and the occipital lobe. Each area carries out specific tasks, most of which serve a cognitive function. Cognitive functions include problem-solving, speaking, learning, emotions, memory, perception and movement. Some tasks such as reading, speaking, and learning require coordinated processing from multiple areas of the cerebrum.

Well… I am off to make pancakes for lunch 🙂 


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