Neuropsychological Report

 Well… I finally have it. In black and white, more clues to Brynnon’s strange mix if woes and problems. 15 Test later we are given a really broad diagnosis of Cognitive Disorder NOS. When you look that up it appears to be a catch all diagnosis that means something is wrong but we just do not have a name for it or we have not identified it yet. He finds significant attention impairment and executive function. The pattern of scores implicates frontal lobes. Processing Speed and attention/concentration are relative weaknesses. His ability to remain attentive over time is impaired, has trouble filtering distraction & directing attention to a specific target. The test results really do give a good picture of what I see and have seen in Brynnon for many years. He actually had the extended seizure that caused some regression just 3 days after the last day he tested for this result. It was advised to continue  where we are and meet again if there is further regression, otherwise it will not benefit Brynnon to complete further testing until around 18 months to assess where he will be at that time and what progress has been made. At least it is more information to bring on Nov. 1st to the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans… Perhaps there we will finally get answers… Prayerfully so…. 
 Tomorrow will be a family BBQ, with cake and ice cream for Brynn and Brett’s birthday. I look forward to a nice relaxing day! Until next time be blessed!! ~Denise

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