Neuropsychological Answers… More Questions…

Got the verbal neuropsychological results for Brynnon… Lots of information to process… Confirmed a lot, exactly what I expected, yet heartbreaking to come from a professional. Helped build my confidence as a Mom and teacher, as a lot of the recommendations I had already implemented. The completed report with anything added from today will be mailed next week. He is interested too in seeing Brynnon’s 24 EEG result. He feels that he may be having seizure activity that is not visible, which could explain some parts of the test results. He said he is really only capable of Reading on a 1.0 level and I need to back up to that level for Brynn. He is more capable of learning visually than any other way, so adding very simple basic visual information will help Brynn retain what is learned. He also said an iPad would be great ! 🙂 I guess overall I am encouraged that I know Brynnon well, that I am doing everything I can to help him… but my heart hurts for him, knowing he is going to be 12 and has the ability of a 6/7 year old in most areas. It’s great his verbal ability is so high, which makes it less obvious to everyone else. Sad though that he is so cognitively disabled. I asked the question that he could guess at… If Brynnon never had a seizure would he be where he is? The answer is it’s hard to say, he probably would not be as severe, but he would likely still fall below normal. In the back of my mind the question burns and will likely burn forever… How many undetected severe seizures has he had…  I guess I will never know, but I definitely will always have that question. After the last seizure we know that his are extended… and in all three cases where it was detected someone was in the same room and awake. So realistically we can not really know how many he had while everyone was asleep. Even with the Emfit monitor that provided so much peace and security… There is no way to know if it would even pick up a seizure like the last one, as the clonic part was not violent like the others. It possibly was a Tonic seizures with mild clonic aftershocks, as that’s what it looked like. OY… All I wanna do is take a NAP… but I guess I will let all this settle in my brain while I do my daily task… ~Denise     

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