Intellectualy Disablity and or Learning Disabled Teaching at home…

The educational goal for every child is Learning, whether this be through the public school or home school. To loose focus on the primary goal with the worries of being behind or staying on schedule is the greatest distraction from the goal.
Praise, Praise, Praise… Not enough can be said about the wonderful effects of praise. Zigler made a profound discovery in handicapped students. They have to be allowed to feel success! This process of praise will not just make the child feel good, it also helps the child to depend on cues based on self-reliance, motivate them to success and also produce the desire to do better than expected.
Time… Simply put, more time has to be allowed for a Learning Disabled child to not only perform but also test and retain information taught.
Rules… Most handicapped children perform best when they know the rules, what will and will not be tolerated.
Mills suggested an informal procedure to find the teaching method that works best for the child. Basically in this model you teach the child ten words three different ways. Using the Kinesthetic, Phonic & Auditory and Visual Methods. This is effective in finding the best method in which to teach any child. It makes sense that since Brynnon scored well in verbal comprehension that he is best taught using the Phonic & Auditory method. He is doing well using this method along with the AVKO Sequential Spelling program, which is actually used with Dyslexics. Linguistics is also working with Brynnon. From the start I found that the old 1960’s Merrill Linguistic Readers worked with Brynnon. I had no idea why, until I found that the new Merrill Reading Program, also linguistic is highly recommended for Learning Disabled children. We will be starting the Dig In book next week and I am excited about the skills book!
After all the lost sleep, worry, stress, searching and begging for answers… I found the answer was in me all along. To meet Brynnon where he is, being intellectually behind, that means to meet Brynnon at his level, in hopes to bring him forward. To bring out the best in him and encourage confidence in his own ability so that he can begin to rely on himself or the clues around him to get the answers he seeks. I am his Mom, and he is a wonderful gift on loan to me by the Father. It is after all the greatest gift I could ever be given, a child in which the Father has blessed me with that will require me to think outside the norm, which is what I do best!


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